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Castle Rock Zone Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

Wayne and Geoff review season 2, episode 8, of Castle Rock, Dirty. They discuss the highlights, and a few lowlights, from this episode. They also theorize about what may be next, and share more listener feedback and King Connections. Full show notes at

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No One Wants a Dirty Annie:
Annie and Joy have been taken to the Marsten house and Ace is there to greet them. The cult has switched out Annie’s medication with placebos to try and make the weaving process easier. But she is having vision of her mother. Crysilda is telling that they want to use Joy and there is only one way to keep her clean, kill her. Annie is popping pills and brewing tea to try and calm down. But one of the cult members sees Joy’s drawings and takes it to Ace/Augustin. They realize that Joy’s drawing style resembles Amity’s. Ace finds out that Joy is not on any medication and a untainted vessel. So he locks Joy up in the Attic to await the weaving.
Annie’s visions of her mother are getting stronger. She sees the door to the basement open and investigates. She finds dead bodies there. Joy is missing and Annie get the info out of a cult member before killing her. She has to take out another with a sledgehammer (hello Misery shoutout). Finally she and Joy are reunited, but Crysilda is begging for Annie to get them out clean. Annie goes to choke Joy, but the memories of baby Joy snap her out of it. They sneak their way to the back door. Outside they find a crowd of enthralled citizens. They are sneaking out when spotting. The crowd begins to move and the two are separated. Annie is captured and Joy is enthralled.

King Connections:                    

This week did not have a lot of connections. We see Annie with the sledge hammer and she wields it just like in Misery. We also have two small shout outs to The Shining. We see a wet and decaying Crysilda speaking to Annie. This reminds me of the woman in room 217 who appears in both The Shining and Doctor Sleep. We also have Annie with the big chef’s knife ready to defend her child just like Wendy did.

Here is a link to the Book and Audiobook of The Shining. Check out the movie from Amazon or iTunes.

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